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Lets join our hands to pray and work together to praise God and for the freedom of Souls.

Marian Tv reaching million homes everyday, By grace of god millions are blessed through Marian TV programs everyday. you are aware that millions of people watch Marian tv programs and experience. The love of Lord Jesus Christ and his power in their lives.Marian TV is a huge financial responsibility, but it is an urgent mission God has placed in our hearts. We move forward with total faith in God's providence.
Your monthly commitment will help us bring the "Marian Experience" into your very own life daily and every person who needs God's love and comfort - anywhere in the world.

Golden oppurtunity your support

You and your family can co-sponser a Marian tv program through your than offering. You thank offering will help us to wipe away tears of millions and bring you hundred times reward with joy.

Your Reward

You will be blessing to millions who watch Marian Tv program through your thank offering. you will receive abundant blessing from our Lord while you help us to reach the unreached. You and your family will be covered under this mighty wings with the divine protection and abundant grace all through your life.

tax deductible

Queen Mary Ministry USA Inc is a 501(c)3 approved nonprofit organization(Marian Tv), your donations is tax deductible in the United States. We keep every detail of your personal information strictly private and confidential.

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Become a Marian tv supporter by making a pledge of any amount.

Take a one moment to pray Make a pledge and support Queen Mary Minsitries USA.You can choose one of the following options

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